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October 03 2018

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October 01 2018

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September 30 2018

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moebius am sonntag 23
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The first of hundreds of consignments of allegedly radioactive mud from the Somerset coast (adjacent to the Hinkley Point nuclear power station) was deposited off Penarth last night under cover of darkness.

The curious looking Belgian motor-hopper  Sloeber  made her first round trip from Hinkley Point to the Cardiff Grounds – a mile off shore from Penarth She then  opened-up her belly underwater to disgorge thousands of tonnes of mud on one massive  “bowel movement”  –   last night .


September 29 2018

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September 28 2018

I just want to be the person someone (well, I'm mean you) miss at 3am. 
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Punkrock alias Z wie Zusammenhalt S wie Solidarität und K wie Kultur oder auch Kampf
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A Promise of a Shaman

If you come to me as a victim I will not support you.

But I will have the courage to walk with you through the pain that you are suffering.

I will put you in the fire, I will undress you, and I will sit you on the earth.

I will bathe you with herbs, I will purge you, and you will vomit the rage and the darkness inside you.
I’ll bang your body with good herbs, and I’ll put you to lay in the grass, face up to the sky.

Then I will blow your crown to clean the old memories that make you repeat the same behavior. 
I will blow your forehead to scare away the thoughts that cloud your vision.

I will blow your throat to release the knot that won’t let you talk.

I will blow your heart to scare fear, so that it goes far away where it cannot find you.

I will blow your solar plexus to extinguish the fire of the hell you carry inside, and you will know peace.
I will blow with fire your belly to burn the attachments, and the love that was not.
I will blow away the lovers that left you, the children that never came.

I will blow your heart to make you warm, to rekindle your desire to feel, create and start again.

I will blow with force your vagina or your penis, to clean the sexual door to your soul.

I will blow away the garbage that you collected trying to love what did not wanted to be loved.

I will use the broom, and the sponge, and the rag, and safely clean all the bitterness inside you.

I will blow your hands to destroy the ties that prevent you from creating.

I will blow your feet to dust and erase the footprints memories, so you can never return to that bad place. 

I will turn your body, so your face will kiss the earth.

I’ll blow your spine from the root to the neck to increase your strength and help you walk upright.

And I will let you rest.

After this you will cry, and after crying you will sleep,
And you will dream beautiful and meaningful dreams,
and when you wake up I’ll be waiting for you.

I will smile at you, and you will smile back
I will offer you food that you will eat with pleasure, tasting life, and I will thank you.
Because what I’m offering today, was offered to me before when darkness lived within me.
And after I was healed, I felt the darkness leaving, and I cried.

Then we will walk together, and I will show you my garden, and my plants, and I will take you to the fire again.
And will talk together in a single voice with the blessing of the earth.
And we will shout to the forest the desires of your heart.
And the fire will listen and whisper the echo, and we will create hope together.
And the mountains will listen and whisper the echo, and we will create hope together.
And the rivers will listen and whisper the echo, and we will create hope together.
And the wind will listen and whisper the echo, and we will create hope together.
And then we will bow before the fire, and we will call upon all the visible and invisible guardians.
And you will say thank you to all of them.
And you will say thank you to yourself.
And you will say thank you to yourself.
And you will say thank you to yourself.

Author unknown
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September 27 2018

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Jakub Rebelka
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Große ⁦ @ titanic ⁩- Liebe.
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