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January 14 2018

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'Loose Tongues' Public Information (1977)

When this poster was distributed by Scarfolk Council in 1977, many people were concerned that they did not understand the poster's message correctly and were thus at risk of unintentionally breaking the law by either talking or not talking about it.

Worried citizens gathered in secret to discuss the poster campaign. Knowing that most homes contained surveillance devices, they debated the poster non-verbally, using hand gestures. Unbeknownst to the clandestine groups, however, specially-trained police mime experts had infiltrated the meetings and reported everything they saw to Scarfolk's police commissioner who, keen to outdo his predecessor's record, had created the public information campaign to boost arrest numbers.

Telephone helplines were set up to provide legal aid to the many who were accused of talking (and not talking) and faced punitive tongue removal. Although the legal experts who manned the lines were not permitted to speak, they were authorised to offer advice via the medium of mime.

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Ich lerne jetzt einfach von deinen Soup-Zubereitungszusammenfasssungen, wie ich besser kochen kann.
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3,5 fluffy Apfelmus-Zimt-Zucker-Beuys
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and are we just going to gloss over the false equivalence between egalitarianism and sjw retardation?

the term "sjw" has lost any legitimate meaning and became a slur for everything not far-right for what, five years now?

but i do encourage everyone to, like, stop that. for example you could reconsider the idea of not wanting to murder people for crossing a border. "not murdering" sounds kinda good, right? maybe it isn't all over-sensitive frankfurt school nihilist marxists satanist liberals who want to destroy civilisation and turn the frogs gay..?

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Let us all live in Liberty - Equality - Net Neutrality
by Mullana
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Bitte was?

"Maas äußerte in der „Bild“-Sendung „Die richtigen Fragen“ am Montag den Eindruck, dass Twitter „im Moment“ generell Tweets lösche und Accounts stilllege. Der Minister sagte in der Sendung, dies habe nichts mit dem zum Jahresbeginn in Kraft getretenen Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz zu tun, an dem es verbreitete Kritik gibt. ...
Zu seinem eigenen Tweet sagte Maas, er würde so etwas heute nicht mehr abschicken: „In all den Jahren habe auch ich dazugelernt.“ Über die Löschung oder deren Gründe sei er von Twitter aber nicht informiert worden." (x)
Wie bizarr ist das denn?
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China: Zentraler Recyclinghof des Planeten ist geschlossen

"Müll ist mittlerweile eines der wichtigsten Exportgüter der Vereinigten Staaten."
China hat einen Importstop verhängt.
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Über euer scheiß Mittelmeer käm ich, wenn ich ein Turnschuh wär.
Oder als Flachbild-Scheiß – ich hätte wenigstens ein' Preis.
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January 13 2018

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