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October 11 2017

My God, my God, whose performance am I watching? How many people am I? Who am I? What is this space between myself and myself?
Fernando Pessoa, from The Book of Disquiet (via echymosis)
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October 09 2017

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bill hicks
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Das ist ja keine neue Einsicht, dass die Tech-Konzerne ihre Produkte mit mehr oder weniger unseriösen Methoden auf möglichst hohen Suchtfaktor optimieren. Schon bei den Facebook-Likes geht es darum, bei Leuten die Belohnungssysteme im Hirn zu triggern. Nicht damit sie sich besser fühlen, sondern damit sie süchtig werden und mehr Zeit auf der Plattform verbringen.

In Computerspielen ist die Schraube noch eine Runde weiter gedreht worden und zu einer Wissenschaft geworden, wie man Spiele "free to play" machen kann, um dann auf andere Art Suchteffekte zu nutzen, um die Leute zum Zahlen zu bringen. Es gibt ja keinen rationalen Grund, ein Spiel zu spielen, das dann aktiv Grinding-Effekte einbaut, damit man einen Anreiz hat, sich davon freizukaufen. Wo sonst gibt man für Dinge Geld aus, die einen nur ärgern? Bei Zigaretten und Alkohol.

Hier gibt es einen ganz aufschlussreichen Artikel im Guardian dazu, wo sie beschreiben, wie die Leute, die bei Facebook den Like-Button eingeführt haben, jetzt alle professionelle Hilfe in Anspruch nehmen, um sich operativ das Facebook aus ihrem Tagesablauf entfernen zu lassen, das sie selbst gebaut haben.

Fefes Blog
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October 08 2017

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“Did you ever think you’d be this happy? No, never. Not in my wildest dreams.”


I think for most of us who grew up in the 90s, the genuine happiness of Britney Spears is easily on our top 10 wishlist for eternity.

shes taking courses so she can help her son w/ his homework like thats honestly heartwarming that she’s placing that level of importance on not just completing homework but making sure her kids learn and understand like honestly thats such a great thing to do as a parent im so happy for her

Fucking finally. A ray of fucking hope.

This woman means so much to me and I’m so happy that she gets to be as happy and content as she has always deserved

I wasn't much of a fan of her in my youth but I was so so sorry for how life turned out for her after a while. Therefore I'm happily reposting this news.
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Sekundärliteratur …
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historische Belege für Menstasse auf auf alten Radierungen entdeckt
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Um diesen Gral rankt sich ein Mythos …
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October 07 2017

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10 yrs in 1 sec. Retreat of Svenbreen glacier year by year, 2007-2017.
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October 06 2017

jaja, tinyeye … I didn't find a clue to the pic. And I don't understand how you got to your steps (also n°4 is even more mysterious than 2 or 3) hm … +: when searching for pic about Marat Gelman I don't find anything that is even similar to the house-sculpture-thingy
But thanks for throwing an eye on it :D
Looks like Ai Weiwei but it isn't. Does somebody know something about it?
Diskreditierte G20-Fotografen machen Ausstellung in Berlin
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I keep seeing people asking ‘is solarpunk really punk?’ because it’s too happy and optimistic and stuff

and I’m picturing a perfect moment in a solarpunk community — the neighbourhood mayor standing with a shit-eating grin on her face when the cops come and cut them off from city power, and nothing turns off

This is my absolute favorite example of how solarpunk is punk. Also, Detroit (and a lot of other places) could probably use something similar for water. Especially in places where it’s illegal to harvest rainwater. I dunno, maybe water tanks cleverly designed as yard art?

Like… yeah it’s happy and optimistic, but my view of solarpunk at least is in complete defiance of many capitalist ideals so if that’s not punk … ‘Punk’ isn’t edgy, dark and gritty. Not to me. Building a society completely based on renewable resources, accessibility for all, and constant sharing is a big fuck you to the current system if you ask me.

Exactly. Near future solarpunk especially requires rebelling against the current system. Punk is about defiance (at least that’s what it’s come to mean colloquially). Defiance doesn’t have to be destruction and violence and grit, it can look like stubborn creation and community building and rejecting many of the dominant system’s values. 

Wait. Why would harvesting rainwater be illegal?

There’s an interpretation of the concept of property that says if something has value, then someone should be getting paid for it. Despite being flatly absurd and riddled with obvious logical flaws, this has been one of the major philosophies of property in the US, in some contexts (including water) for over a hundred years. This Washington Post article gets into it in detail. 

According to this logic, if there are water suppliers in a region, then they’re entitled to money when people get water. Collecting rainwater for yourself gets around that, so, in this concept of property, it’s a form of theft.

There have also been legal battles over people growing food in their lawns, generating their own electricity, etc. If you’re looking to extricate yourself from the systems wherein you have to serve the interests of specific wealthy people to survive, many parts of the western world are ready to use the force of government intervention to stop you.

I feel like a big chunk of the ‘dark, gritty’ aesthetic punk is associated with came as a reaction to the bright, glamorous ‘American Dream’ imagery and patronizing ad campaigns of the 50s.

But now that we’re being sold “The future is bleak and dirty and there’s nothing you can do about it,” being optimistic and cheerful is the most punk and rebellious thing you can do

This is an extremely well put point.

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