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bluntmind on the first pic that showed on my friendsTL – 1b/n

OK, no walking, even the balcony is too cold now. But I had a really nice chat about this soup crump and how the procedures of evolving conciousness are taking place. We didn't come to a step-by-step-conclusion but we got quite near. … then: musik. But instead of Kraut I came back to piano which is such an awesome sound. an exaggeration of waterdrops falling? crystalclear would be the most popular term maybe. … i just installed glitter-and-noise stuff on my balcony because PIGEONS. They want to settel down and nest between my tomatoes and my herbal extacy! Sacring them away really kept me from working so I had to invent some decoration. It's said that these plastic crows are doing a good job, but I don't like them. Also glittery-shiny stuff is irritating them. So I had some chandeliers crystal left over, I found on the pedestrian walk (Sperrmüll is immer noch spannend). So I made some wind chimes with them, adding coloured wooden plates and feathers so the reflections would bring up a little natural disco ball light effect … thoughts jumping back to waterdrops and ice … under one of the hanging crystals I placed a little meditation bowl so I had some nice sound with the wind in the trees and the pings of the bowl in the sun. Unsuspected sounds may keep pigeons away too. Also the space they seeked out is occupied now. Hope they stay away, looks promesing though … did you know pigeons don't behave like that normally? The like to live in flocks even when mating so the preferr to have their shared house for breading in peace instead of stressing people on their balconies (it's really awful, most part of the nest is shitting, ad some sticks, finished!) … awful is a strange word. has it to do with awe-full? In full awe? or are there completely different ethymological roots to this? … still I didn't do my visualisation session I wanted to support via the puff I took … and just discovered that firefox isn't adding any bookmarks anymore (might also explain the crazy fans) … did you try turning it off an on again?

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