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bluntmind on the first pic that showed on my friendsTL – 1/n

imagine this gif with two males, one helping the other to show off his balls. This would be weird … and I'm not even sure if in an ew way or a really funny way … which is nice to know that I trust in the sexual potential of men to be just funny instead of creepy, to belive that there is still innocence in their sexuality … yeah, I was thinking a lot about sex the last weeks and in which ways I was primed … had to edit the title because this could be a cool series, if I'll find any continuity in my life … damn this is real, social nomad I am … docking to new people, pleaces, activities … and after several years, I always changed … is it that we all have those cycles? Some seem to have short ones, some so long they last to the end of life … are they more happy? are the benefits and pros of long and short life periods even? … some kind of fashion in the lifestyle? Is there a history of lifestyle? what was cool, sassy, hot in everyday peoples life like maybe in the 1670s … ah there you go, this also has cycles, take: musik. There used to be a very looooong period of time, people made the same type of musik, and over the centurys it changed, new styles came up, with imitating birds and other animals voices, singing, more instruments making crazy special noises … haha drifting from exponential growth in lifecycles to imagining how crazy and/or amazing it must have been for people in ancient times to involve metal flutes and stuff. Making kinda „new“ noises, alienlike, goodlike, frightening too … like we once experienced the first electronic created noises. Is that why synthesizers like a Korg are such cult objects and also their sound? … Guess I've to check out my mp3-Kraut-list right now! … hmpf, eMail interrupted me … a bummer my boxes are damaged. I could use someone with knowledge about how o repair headphones cords. … had to google headphone cords because in German there is only one word for cable/wire/cord – nämlich Kabel. … Switch ins Deutsche und wieder zurück … ach das ist echt ganz nett, mal die Gedanken so direkt hinzuschreiben wie sie kommen, coole Übung sollte ich mal öfter machen, vielleicht nicht grad als bluntmind (gibts das als Wort eigentlich?) … is there a term like Bluntmind? It sounds so familiar and really nice and funny. Not like pothead, that sounds like a not gettin shit done drug addict. … there was a strange sound coming from somewhere. I thought it was my labtop and I got a bit perturbed. But the noise stopped. … fans are still very noticable busy (labtob AND brain) so I hoped writing all this would help to get my brain slowing down but nope, still jumping around … monkey me … nomad monkey. I guess I'd better take a walk around the block!
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