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July 21 2019




Rutger Bregman is the Dutch historian who became a global sensation after an appearance at this year’s Davos summit, where he accused attending billionaires of ignoring taxation. Now he has created another viral moment in an extremely uncomfortable interview with Fox News’s Tucker Carlson.

Bregman so riled Carson with his accusations of hypocrisy, critiques of Fox’s conservative agenda, and attacks on Donald Trump that the TV host called him a “moron” and angrily told him: “Go fuck yourself.”


Lot more people around the world are going to watch this now than if it actually aired. Speaking truth to power is the best viral content!

(Source: twitter.com)

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July 10 2019


June 23 2019


May 04 2019


April 29 2019

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March 26 2019

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March 09 2019


February 25 2019

Supaman at Rocky Boy Pow Wow

If you imagine away the (amazing!) costume it's even more visible to me how beautifully free this dancing style is.
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prayer loop song by Supaman

I pray for the ones listening right now  
Struggling, feel like giving in right now  
I'ma pray for you  
Pray that you come back home  
I pray that you understand that you're never alone  

I pray for the single mothers and the deadbeat dads  
Start to get off and go party, gets me mad  
So I pray Pray for peace, I pray for change  
Keep on praying when everything stays the same

And I pray for the pastors in all of the churches  
And those who cry light songs following hearses  
I pray for you  
Pray for the sick and the poor  
Pray for the rich man who don't give to the lord  

And I pray for wisdom and I prayer for power  
And I prayer for being ready in the final hour  
And I Pray for those who keep judging men in the streets  
And I pray for my friends and my enemies
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February 18 2019

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October 31 2018

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October 28 2018


October 18 2018

Fürchtet euch nicht
Augen auf, schau, wie frei du bist!
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October 16 2018

Diese Willkür muss gestoppt werden! FREE CBD!

Link zur Petition:
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October 15 2018

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September 28 2018

Punkrock alias Z wie Zusammenhalt S wie Solidarität und K wie Kultur oder auch Kampf
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September 27 2018

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September 16 2018

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