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October 22 2017

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I did this summer. He stepped into the bus and instantly I whole attention was all about him. The colour of it's skin, the pointy smile, the little curl of hair in the middle of his neck and the way he moved. He even started talking to me. I was so shy an unused to this (been single for nealry 4 years now), I forgot about asking him his number. I still think about him every time I take that busline. Never saw him again …

October 18 2017

cutest story ever about edinburgh penguins by Daniel Ross. https://youtu.be/LB4fNN7BVtk
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Obergrenze done correctly.
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Deep sea crab feeding on bioluminescent algae.

deep sea crab brimming with immesurable power

October 17 2017

it seems like it does not work with youtube at the moment, I'm curious about workarounds :)

October 16 2017

hahaha … he thinks his eyebrows are moving!

Hex Lovers

super cool web comic I discovered today
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like a couple of months ago i accidentally made a Gay Joke and outed myself to a coworker and she went “you’re—-you’re girls!?” and i agreed “i’m girls!” and i still havent forgotten it

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Mituri (Hemp Shoes) | 19th century | Seok Juseon Memorial Museum, Dankook University

Mituri(Hemp Shoes) 19th century (L)26cm (W)7cm One of the best quality mituri for noble old men, was woven with bark of bush clover, sedge and sedge core and inner skin of paper mulberry. The front part was constructed more than two hundred hemp braces. and the sole was constructed with six weft cord. sedge core and bark of bush clover. The side brace was twisted separately and embedded into the sole. They are new ones

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